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Lavender Bath Salt

Lavender Bath Salt

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Luxurious Lavender Bath Salt, specially crafted to transform your bath into a soothing sanctuary. Infused with pure lavender essential oil, our bath salts are designed to calm the mind, relax the body, and rejuvenate the skin. Perfect for unwinding after a long day, our lavender bath salt helps alleviate stress, ease muscle tension, and promote a restful night's sleep.
Calming Lavender: Infused with pure lavender essential oil to promote relaxation and stress relief.
Natural Ingredients: Made with natural sea salt and Epsom salt to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.
Aromatherapy Benefits: The soothing scent of lavender enhances your bath experience, providing therapeutic aromatherapy benefits.
Skin Soothing: Helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation.
Ideal for All Skin Types: Gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin.

Why Choose Our Lavender Bath Salt?

Pure and Natural: Made with the highest quality natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.
Handcrafted: Carefully handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.
Cruelty-Free: We never test on animals, and our products are vegan-friendly.


Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Lavender Buds, Lavender Essential Oil, Natural Colorants


Stress Relief: Lavender essential oil is renowned for its calming properties, making it perfect for reducing stress and anxiety.
Muscle Relaxation: Epsom salt helps to ease muscle tension and pain, providing a spa-like experience at home.
Skin Detoxification: Sea salt helps to detoxify the skin, removing impurities and leaving it feeling refreshed.
Enhanced Sleep Quality: A relaxing lavender bath before bed can help improve sleep quality and promote a restful night's sleep.

How to use

Add a generous amount of Lavender Bath Salt to warm running bath water.
Stir the water to dissolve the salts completely.
Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes to fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits.
Rinse off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

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