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Turmeric Range Gift Box

Turmeric Range Gift Box

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Introducing Purezza's Turmeric Range Gift Box, a golden treasure trove of natural skincare wonders! 🌟 Unveil the magic of turmeric with this handpicked assortment, specially curated to bring out your skin's radiant glow.

All lovingly packed in a beautiful Purezza gift box, treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this golden gift of natural goodness. Embrace the essence of turmeric and let your radiant beauty shine through. ğŸŒžğŸ’›


🌟 Turmeric Face Wash(100ml): Gently cleanse and invigorate your skin with the power of turmeric. Embrace a fresh and revitalized complexion every day. 🚿

💛 Turmeric Face Cream(50ml): Nourish and hydrate your skin with this exquisite face cream. Experience the magic of turmeric for a radiant and supple glow. 💆‍♀️

✨ Turmeric Face Scrub(50ml): Reveal your skin's inner radiance with our gentle yet effective face scrub. Buff away impurities for a smoother and more luminous complexion. ✨

🌼 Haldi Chandan Face Pack(100ml): Indulge in the ancient beauty secrets of turmeric and sandalwood. Experience a luxurious spa-like treatment for clear and glowing skin. 🧖‍♀️

🌙 Turmeric Night Gel(50ml): Unwind and repair with our nourishing night gel. Wake up to renewed and rejuvenated skin, ready to take on the day ahead. 🌟

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